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It’s kind of a “hey look this is me” sort of thing… my favorite animals are lions, and I was always afraid of the sea because of its hugeness and how little we know about it. But I got over that and now it’s my best friend. I suppose it’s saying, “what you see is the result of someone who faced their fears.” Unfortunately, I have made a huge effort not to blog anymore because I’m trying to get into a good university so I don’t need the distraction. 


i’m having a lot of fun writing elvish so….

reblog this and I’ll write your url in tolkin’s elvish c:

the cut off is the first 100 reblogs (b/c i dont want to stay here all night)

here’s mine as an example:


And suddenly, I am very confused.


i can never give up my passion for boats… it’s a port of who i am

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Anonymous said

When is your birthday? :)

It is today, actually!

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